COVID-19 Vaccination Updates

COVID-19 Vaccination Updates

Governor Larry Hogan has announced COVID-19 vaccination updates that include accelerated eligibility for adults in the state of Maryland. As of April 12, all Marylanders who are 16 years of age or older are eligible to get vaccinated at mass vaccination sites AND schedule appointments for vaccines through all providers.

The acceleration or eligibility phases has been quicker than anticipated, but a promising step for Maryland and the country. As Governor Hogan said, “Getting more people vaccinated as quickly as we possibly can is our absolute best defense against these variants, and it is the best way to win the long war against this deadly virus.”

For more on the COVID-19 Maryland vaccination implementation as of April 5, click here.

For more information about mass vaccination sites, and pre-registering for the vaccine, visit the page here.

SHORE UP! COVID Assistance Programs

If you are experiencing difficulties from the effects of COVID-19, SHORE UP! Inc. is offering assistance in areas such as rental assistance, PPE, food, help with current or delinquent utility bills, and more. View eligibility guidelines here.

United Way of Lower Eastern Shore COVID Assistance

United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore is dedicated to providing the community with help and guidance at all times, but especially during the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. View specific resources that are listed and updated as needed in order to meet local needs.

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