Worcester County Economic Development Week

We may be biased, but October 25 through October 29 is a great week for Worcester County—it’s Economic Development Week! The Worcester County Department of Economic Development (WCED) in partnership with the Maryland Economic Development Association (MEDA) is celebrating the week-long event.

The purpose of Economic Development Week is to acknowledge WCED as a nonprofit organization that is an impactful and active member of MEDA.WCED works diligently to attract new residents and businesses, as well as provide jobs and strengthen our local economy. In turn, this directly contributes to the state of Maryland’s economic success overall.

The event dedicates a week to showcasing how economic development in the county and the state is improving the quality of life for Maryland residents.

To celebrate, Worcester County is hosting social media campaigns, a networking mixer event for organization leaders, and will meet with local businesses to discuss needs. These activities are put together to highlight different topics throughout the week.

The schedule of events include:

Social Media: What is Economic Development?
Happenings: Press Release

Social Media: Social Media Marketing Tips
Happenings: Visit Businesses

Social Media: Survival Tips for Business Owners
Happenings: Networking Mixer

Social Media: Planning for Economic Recovery
Happenings: Visit Businesses

Social Media: MD Business Express and Resources

Tune in to the events of Economic Development Week and support your local community by encouraging economic growth as a whole for Worcester County, and the state of Maryland. Visit here for more information about Economic Development Week!