Homebrewing Hobby to a Booming Brewery Business

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Burley Oak Brewing owner Bryan Brushmiller, turned adversity into opportunity after losing his job during the 2008 recession. As craft beer movement dawned in cities and towns across America, he decided to transform his homebrewing hobby into a career and opened the first brewery on Maryland Coast’s in 2011. Located at the edge beer in a glassof Downtown Berlin, Burley Oak demonstrates how craft beer production can power a community’s economic engine. Jumpstarting Berlin’s ‘beer tourism’ – and attracting tens of thousands of visitors since opening – Burley Oak also strengthened the town’s creative community. The brewery has thoughtfully expanded in the past decade adding an outdoor stage, specialty spaces, storage facility and Tex-Mex cantina. Today, this successful entrepreneur employs dozens of people in a thriving destination. Burley Oak is known for their uniquely brewed flavors. Each month, new flavors are released. On August 28, 2021 their beer release flavorsBryan Brushmiller will include pink guava passion fruit coconut, double orange raspberry marshmallow pie, grape raspberry blackberry pulp, human solenoid and In there like swimwear (a triple IPA with pineapple). Pre-purchase tickets online today. Want to sit back and relax with friends? Check out Burley Oak’s live music events. Grab a bite to eat and your favorite brew. Learn more here.