The Kite Loft, a flying business in Ocean City

The Kite loft

Stocked from floor to ceiling with kites in a kaleidoscope of sizes, shapes and colors, the Kite Loft’s wind-powered toys inspire joy in kids of all ages and moved its owners Mary Lynn and Jay Knerr to build a business and a life on Maryland’s Coast. In 2013, Mary Lynn and Jay opened a second location at the 67th Street Town Center thanks to a VLT loan. Today, the company’s 35 employees welcome thousands of customers annually to both shops and the many special events they host. Married since 1990, and in business since the mid-80’s, Mary Lynn and Jay are still flying high after almost 40 years running this Boardwalk institution.

ary Lynn and Jay Knerr

The Kite Loft does take part in several events in Ocean City including, the annual Sunfest Kite Festival during the last week in September. The Maryland International Kite Expo (MIKE) is also a large event. Enjoy seeing all shapes, sizes, and colors flying in the sky during the last weekend in April. Festivities at both include kite lessons, vendors and giant kite displays. Fly a kite and have fun with these upcoming events. Plan a visit and see the kite festivals for yourself. Learn more here

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The Kite Loft has something for everyone. Their stores sell single line kites, stunt/power kites, toys, garden décor, flags, hot air balloons, wind twisters, wind chimes, home décor, clothing, team sports gear and more! All items may be purchased online at

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