Young Entrepreneur Spotlight

Meet young locals pursuing their future in entrepreneurship in Worcester County.  

KYLA JONES began her new adventure and business at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Her business strives to assist customers and businesses with the following, copywriting and content writing, including social media captions, product descriptions, website copy and newsletters. Kyla also helps with copyediting and proofreading, to help polish up your writing piece as a whole. Kyla wants to help you save your time and money, edit grammar mistakes and help give you the power to persuade to receive more views and/or bookings.

Kyla wants to help you become a better you! To inquire about her services and receive more information visit

EMMA JOHNSON When Emma was young, her grandmother gave her a sewing machine as a gift, which blossomed into a beautiful creation of hand made items. Emma and her inspirational grandmother collectively designed and produced over sized pencil cases that became a huge hit, and while attending the 6th grade, friends and schoolmates were wowed by her talent and she began taking orders. The demand reached from teachers to family co-workers, and evolved into expanding her line and adding in purses, bags, hair scrunchies, steering wheel covers and more. She began to set up at local art strolls to sell to the community and expand her business. During the Spring of 2020, due to Covid-19, she began a venture that had always been a desire, opening up her own Etsy shop. This now allows her to sell her products  across the country and still participate in art strolls.

Emma’s greatest inspiration is her Grandmother, the very one that gifted her the sewing machine and was able to understand the exact vision that she was aiming for while designing a product. In her free time, Emma works at Assateague Surf Shop, plays volleyball and enjoys spending time with family and friends. After High School, she plans to attend Messiah University with a major in Accounting and minor in Entrepreneurship. While in college, she aspires to visit other countries to help others in need. Emma’s goal is to seek a job in Accounting and one day, open up her own business.

DIEGO is 8 years old and lives in Berlin, MD. He began making all natural, scented soaps for kids in 2020 during the pandemic. He researched how to make soap and thought it would be the perfect opportunity while spending more time at home to start his own small business. This started his venture, “SOAPS by DEIGO”. Diego mentioned that most adult soaps are large in size, so he made a soap that would be the perfect fit for any child’s hands. Each soap has a fun design with different scents, including green apple, banana bubblegum, crazy cranberry, royal vanilla, and his favorite- Hawaiian paradise, which he describes as a “blue ocean/coconut aroma”. Each soap is mixed and poured into a mold, which solidifies then packaged in stacks to be boxed up in a container. While he has sold most through social media sites, he has shipped his soaps as far as North Carolina.

When he is not making his homemade soaps, Diego enjoys playing video games and setting his sights on being a Biologist. Diego attends a local Worcester County school and thanks his teacher and dad for being his inspiration on his endeavor.

We look forward to seeing all the great things Diego does in the future!! To place your very own soap order, visit SOAPS by DIEGO


LINDSAY JONES After growing up in Salisbury, MD and then moving to Worcester County where she lived closer to her grandmother,  the two of them began baking cupcakes together when she was in middle school. Lindsay began her small business, Cupcakes by Frosted when she was 12 years old.  Lindsay commended her hospitality teacher, Ms. Caitlin Evans at Worcester Technical High School for encouraging her with a strong passion for baking. She then completed a project on her cupcake business where she was able to present it to the board of education during her senior year.

Lindsay continued to bake cupcakes during her time at Salisbury University, where she competed in a Shark Tank style competition during her freshman year. Her endeavors paid off, as she came in first place and won $14,000 to use for her business, beating out over 80 other business competitors.

While being a full time college student and starting her own business was challenging, she made many sacrifices along the way. While being an entrepreneur has taught her countless personal and professional life skills, she was then recruited to join the Sales Team at Salisbury University. During that time, she was able to travel across the country and compete in business competitions.

Lindsay recently accepted a position with Stanley Black & Decker in Washington DC all while continuing to bake cupcakes on the side and continue her original small business.

Fun fact: Lindsay’s favorite cupcake is Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting.