November 28, 2012

This fall, probably for the first time ever, an independent featured film was shot entirely in Ocean City, Maryland. Ping Pong Summer, starring (among many others) Susan Sarandon, Lea Thompson, John Hannah, is the brainchild of Director Michael Tully. Tully himself grew up in Mount Airy, Maryland, and had spent many vacations with his family at Ocean City. The movie is his loving homage to the seaside town of his youth.

“I had three older sisters. We packed up the car and headed out,” recalled Tully. “It’s the one thing I really looked forward to was that once a year vacation to Ocean City.” He started writing the script for Ping Pong Summer during the ’90s when he was in high school. Since then, he’s been working on it on and off, and the script has “gone through so many iterations and it’s finally happening,” said Producer Michael Gottwald.

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